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Reynaers brings innovation and energy efficiency to 'most significant' London regeneration project

Aluminium window solutions by Reynaers are bringing aesthetically-pleasing designs, innovative structures, strength and optimised energy efficiency to two new residential housing blocks in King’s Cross Central. The new buildings are part of an affordable housing scheme in one of the most significant sites of development and regeneration in Central London. 

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Each high-density block’s design includes outdoor communal spaces, roof gardens and balconies to create a sense of community for residents. Rubicon Court by PRP architects was the first completed building, with 117 mixed tenure spaces above approximately 600 m² of street level space for commercial premises and shops. The neighbouring block comprises Saxon Court and Roseberry Mansions by Maccreanor Lavington Architects, a cohesive urban block of 220 homes built around a shared courtyard. 

Optimised aluminium technologies

The new buildings are equipped with two particular aluminium window systems by Reynaers: CS 38-SL and ES 50. Each system was chosen for its strength, insulation qualities and narrow structural elements, and was fabricated and installed by Red Architectural. The windows allow in maximum levels of natural light, which can especially complement the homes with dual aspect views and stunning vistas of London from the upper floors.  


“The exciting King’s Cross Central project aims to set a new quality benchmark for affordable housing in Central London. Reynaers challenge was therefore to match the treatment of each building’s rigorously ordered façades, doing so with high quality aluminium materials and careful detailing,” said Paul Duffy, Sales Director of Reynaers Aluminium.

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Both the slimline CS 38-SL and ES 50 window systems are already specified by many architects on commercial and residential buildings, both new and redeveloped. Reynaers CS 38-SL’s narrow structural elements make it a dynamic choice. The slim sightlines of the transoms and mullions were ideally suited for the R4 and R5 buildings’ forward thinking designs, operations, details and finishes.

Paul Duffy added: “Our aluminium window system designs with thermal breaks mean that large windows no longer equal cold rooms – providing the utmost elegance, elevated strength and energy efficiency all from a sustainable material.” 

Improved living standards

Thermal insulation properties for each building’s window systems were a crucial consideration. All residences in R4 and R5 connect to the district heating network for high insulation and ventilation – and it was vital that the installed window systems enhanced this.

Reynaers aluminium window systems solutions address these challenges with optimised thermal ratings. Reynaers ES 50 and CS 38-SL meet the latest insulation requirements, the latter being a thermally improved, three chamber energy-efficient system. The thermal breaks – sandwiched between each frame’s exterior and interior – is made from polyamide which prevents heat loss through the frame.

“Reynaers dedication to aesthetically pleasing design, combined with flexibility and high energy efficient properties, perfectly matches Camden Council’s goal to enhance and improve standards of affordable living for King’s Cross residents. 

“Our aluminium and window technologies continue to evolve – and we are proud to play such a key role in the King’s Cross Central development master plan,” said Paul Duffy. 

Carillion were the main contractors on the projects and system fabricators and installers were Red Architectural.