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CP 130 Slim Interlock offers ultimate functionality and aesthetic excellence

Designed to achieve large door sizes with the highest insulation and stability performance, the newly launched CP 130 Slim Interlock sliding door from Reynaers Aluminium provides the perfect solution for homeowners looking the connect their inside and outside spaces.

Available as slide and lift-slide configurations, CP 130 Slim Interlock delivers everyday usability and effortless practicality. Giving homes a modern look and feel, the door’s slim profile combined with its ability to support larger openings maximise the presence of natural daylight, making indoor spaces feel brighter and more comfortable. The possibility to create corner solutions with no fixed corner element further expands design possibilities.

Featuring a slim interlock sightline of just 50mm, the sliding solution delivers on aesthetic appeal, without compromising performance. Meeting the highest requirements of insulation and stability, the system supports efficiency in the home and boasts a vent weight of up to 300kg, making it the ideal solution for rooms with a view.

Terry Ledwith, National Sales Manager for Trade & Retail at Reynaers, said: “As more people look to improve their homes and maximise the potential of their outside spaces, there’s now greater demand for slimmer and bigger doors which improve accessibility and bring the outside in. Through CP 130 Slim Interlock, we wanted to provide fabricators with a versatile solution that not only maximises aesthetics and thermal performance, but allows for the creation of large and stable sliding windows and doors."

“With the ability to increase the amount of natural light that flows into a room, the CP 130 brings living spaces to life and equips homeowners with a durable architectural feature to be proud of.”