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20 May 2022


For a sample of our Guarantee Document which includes a full set of terms and Conditions, and identifies exclusions please download the document here.

At each stage of the production process our quality control department carries out very stringent checks, which enable us to guarantee that our systems satisfy country- and product specific technical approvals and standards.


Reynaers guarantees that its systems meet the highest technical specifications and standards. We therefore issue a 10 year system guarantee. This is an insurance on the aluminium profiles, lacquer or anodisation layer, as well as on the insulation. On the accessories, we grant a 5-year system guarantee.

Painting & anodization: 10 year guarantee on

  • Detachment, flaking, blistering of treated aluminum parts
  • Corrosion, including filiform corrosion for material AIMgSio.5F22 (AW 6060 & AW 6063)
  • UV resistance, discolouring & loss of gloss exceeding the defined tolerances, according to Qualicoat & Qualanod regulations (last edition)
  • Paintwork guarantee can be extended under specific conditions. These conditions can be obtained from Reynaers.
  • Metallic colours and metallic structure colours: guarantee is only applicable on adhesion of the paint, not on visual or aesthetical aspects.
  • Color anodization: here colour differences are possible due to the alloy of the material and the production process. Minimum and maximum samples are available upon request, to visualize the possible differences per colour type.

Insulation: 10 year guarantee on

  • Adherence between insulation and aluminum
  • Preservation of thermal & mechanical properties of the insulator, within the boundaries defined by the technical specifications.

Type of treatments

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Coating powders

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PLEASE NOTE: The system guarantee is no longer valid when using non-Reynaers components. XA numbers are not included in the Reynaers range.

For more clarity please contact our Technical Team on +44 (0) 121 421 1999.