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Hi-Finity Aluminium Sliding & Folding Doors - House Island Rest located in Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Island Rest

Often, the location of a home is mostly a functional consideration....
SlimLine 38 Ferro Aluminium Windows, Hi-Finity Aluminium Sliding & Folding Doors, CS 59Pa Aluminium Doors and CW 50 Aluminium Curtain Walls - Apartmentcomplex Prata Riverside village located in Lisbon, Portugal

Prata Riverside village

Prata was designed by Pritzker-winning architect Renzo Piano and his team at Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW), who took as their inspiration the sails of ships crossi...

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Trend analysis with ARUP about the future of façades post COVID-19: Natural ventilation and night cooling

Trend analysis with ARUP about the future of façades post COVID-19: Natural ventilation and night cooling

Robert Squibb
Associate Director, PRP Architects

Recently we’ve been dealing with quite a challenging acoustic sensibility in a building next to a night club on a busy road. We’ve asked Reynaers to give us advice on quite a challenging technical solution to an acoustic problem that’s applied to us by planning permission. The team was able to give us advice and certainty to move forward and that was very valuable at that stage in the project. When we are looking at aluminium systems we are looking for good sight lines, a good amount of glazing, good daylight into the building, good thermal performance from the frame as well as the glazing, sharp products with clean edges and good colours that Reynaers offers.
I would recommend Reynaers because we’ve had good experience previously and when we work with them on projects they often go the extra mile and give us the inputs we need to supply technical responsibilities – that’s why we work with them over and over again.

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