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Interior view of a bedroom in the Eva Beach Resort in Thailand, with a Reynaers Aluminium lift-and-slide solution opening up to the beach and ocean.
07 Mar 2022

How to improve your comfort with aluminium

To most people, living comfort equals being at ease with the ones you love. And that means keeping wind, water, heat, and cold outside of your home at all times. Our aluminium solutions help you improve your living comfort in an instant.

Standard window profiles may match most of your building needs, but Reynaers Aluminium solutions push homely comfort to the next level. We show you how our high-quality products immediately improve your daily life.

Healthy indoor environment

Comfort and efficient energy use go hand-in-hand. That is why we aim to deliver superior thermal insulation and air tightness in every system we create. Next to high-insulation profiles and glazing types, Reynaers Aluminium offers ventilation, solar control solutions and airtight building connections to help maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Extra living space

A conservatory, winter garden, or enclosed balcony brings the outside of your home inside. Not only in summer as an indoor-outdoor space, in other seasons they are a valuable living space as well. We improved the wind and water tightness of these systems to the extent that you can comfortably relax in them throughout the year.

Interior view of a ThermoRoof 200 conservatory solution, featured in a French private home.

The luxury of silence

In this densely populated and busy world, acoustic insulation has become such an important topic. Because of their excellent air tightness, our aluminium systems greatly reduce noise levels to provide some welcome peace of mind. And with extra seals and hidden hinges, you can improve acoustic performance even further.

Easy access, easier to open

Reynaers Aluminium low threshold solutions give you the opportunity to meet easy access requirements in almost any building type, without loss of insulation performance. Very little strength is needed to open our windows and (sliding) doors, making them the perfect match for all users. Moreover, with an automatic solution, you can even operate your doors at the push of a button. Ultimate comfort within hand’s reach.

Detail of a HiFinity zero threshold sliding solution


Eva Beach Resort – Oracle Architect (architect), Mr. Anatataworn (photographer)
Private House Patio – David Kinet (architect), Debbie De Brauwer (photographer)