Reynaers has a facade system for almost any building, whatever shape or size.

For over 50 years, Reynaers Aluminium has been designing cutting-edge glazing solutions for some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Engineered without compromise, our range of aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall systems have been specified time and again by the world’s leading architects and construction companies.

Reynaers Aluminium Curtain walls

A facade is considered the face of a building and is often seen as one of the most important design aspects, it not only protects the interior of a building from various climates, it is also the building's main feature or frontage. Aluminium facades are commonly used on buildings all over the world. With one of the most comprehensive product ranges on the market, Reynaers has a facade system for almost any building, whatever shape or size.

CW 50 Aluminium Facade - Visit the product page to find out more

Our cutting-edge aluminium Concept Wall 50 system for facades and roofs not only offers specifiers unlimited design freedom, it also allows maximum transparency and superb thermal efficiency. The CW 50 is available in several design and glazing variants, and includes different technical variants to give maximum flexibility in curtain wall design, so architects are no longer bound to a traditional grid pattern.

Extensions to the CW 50 system from Reynaers offer new innovative solutions for much heavier glass weights, as well as easy assembly and quick installation, plus improved energy efficiency and sophisticated connections of profiles. Visit the product page to download the product brochure and CAD & BIM files. 

CW 60 Aluminium Facade - Visit the product page to find out more

Reynaers CW 60 curtain wall facade system is well suited for projects that require heavy glass panes. CW 60 is an excellent thermally insulated curtain wall system for robust constructions of large glass surfaces and sloped or curved facades. This modular system is designed with reinforced profiles, allowing very wide glass panels for your facade design. This aluminium facade meets the highest requirements in air-wind-water tightness and thermal insulation and also offers the possibility to integrate triple glazing. The facade system is available in four different styles as well as a flush roof, making CW 60 the perfect system for ultimate design freedom. In addition, CW 60 is made up of an extensive profile range and facilitates the integration of all types of window openings. Visit the product page to download the product brochure and CAD & BIM files. 

Unitised Aluminium Facade Systems

When referring to an element or unitised façade, there are endless possibilities in design freedom, whilst still maintaining a high quality finish with pre-fabrication. Unitised façades are composed out of individual pre-fabricated elements, resulting in fast and economic installation with limited use of resources, compared to that needed for traditional curtain walls, such as manpower and tooling. This principle is suitable for high rise constructions, as it allows for necessary tolerances with the increase in building movement. This enables the building to be constructed floor-by-floor with parallel construction inside the building.

Reynaers unitised façades are available as a standard solution, but there is also some flexibility to produce a complete bespoke facade, depending on the project requirements. Element façades can be customised to suit more complex facades, they provide the architect with an almost unlimited design freedom, such as the integration of different finishes, there is the possibility of having high insulated structures, ventilated façades, double skin façades with automatic sun shading, automatic-opening windows and even linking techniques with a building maintenance system.


CW 65 Aluminium Facade - Visit the product page to find out more

Our curtain Wall 65-Element Façade is a cost efficient curtain wall system for unitised façades. The facade is well designed with extreme strength and stability, which is required in high-rise constructions. The high productivity, typical for an element façade, embraces architectural aesthetics as the CW 65-EF works with slender profiles of only 65 mm. CW 65-EF meets the highest performance requirements in air-wind-water tightness. The curtain wall system is available in different insulation levels, answering to the appropriate insulating requirement of the building. It also offers the possibility to integrate triple glazing. Visit the product page to download the product brochure and CAD & BIM files.

Our unitised CW 86 facade system has a lot of flexibility, there is the option to have non-standard connections, meaning that one of the existing systems can be adapted. If this doesn’t work, it’s possible to choose a custom-made or bespoke facade, custom-made solutions go hand-in-hand with high performance. With CW 86 cassettes or elements can be pre-assembled in the workshop, the cassettes can either be hooked on to a traditional stick structure (CW 86) or the façade can be built up element by element. Visit the product page to download the product brochure and CAD & BIM files. 

Reynaers Campus

At Reynaers head office in Belgium, we have one of the largest privately owned testing facilities in Europe, found at the Reynaers Campus. 

Reynaers Campus features a high-tech showroom for an optimal experience of our systems; a unique space for immersive virtual experience and simulations; an auditorium; meeting rooms and offices. In addition to these facilities, the Reynaers Campus also includes the Technology Centre, the largest privately owned innovation and testing centre, for the validation of architectural and high-tech aluminium window, door and facade systems.

One of the showpieces of the testing centre is the brand new state-of-the-art testing wall for facades with a height of 15 meters. This enables the most advanced air-wind-water testing of multi-storey facades. In addition, the testing walls for window and door systems are also expanded, while a new stand is provided for cyclic and mechanical testing. Contact us to find out more about our product testing.


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