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Woman configuring BIM models at desk.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a 3D model-based process that combines intelligent product and material data with digital visualisation. As a result, you can guide stakeholders smoothly through different project phases, from the earliest design stages to detailed as-built models for maintenance and every step in between. Improve designs and update your planning accordingly, as BIM allows efficient clash detection. And by comparing multiple system variants and design options, you too can make the best product choice possible.

At Reynaers Aluminium, we provide two different services to help you complete your projects in the most efficient way.

BIM model of window generated in brick wall.

BIM Library is a free model collection of our main systems that helps you visualise projects in the earliest design stages. Change dimensions, alter design variants or switch profile choices to create a first concept of your new building project on the spot. Next to visualisation options, basic system data and dimensions of the configuration are readily available for all your calculations.

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When the system or configuration you want is not available in our BIM Library, or when you need specific data and models, you choose our on-demand service.

With BIM Unlimited, our experts provide exact configurations of the Reynaers Aluminium system of your choice. Based on projects in ReynaPro, our calculation software, we can provide you with fixed BIM models of your configurations within a few days. Multiple options are available: wall-hosted or stand-alone models, specific LOD-levels, or an IFC export.

BIM model of intricate window type.

Any other specific requests? We go one step further and create custom-made, project-specific models according to your detailed specifications if needed. Bespoke solutions of our own products can be configured as well. Please note, as we go the extra mile for you, waiting times for this service may take a little longer than for ReynaPro-based configurations.

BIM Library

  • Standard models of main Reynaers Aluminium systems
  • Parametric models of basic configurations
  • Basic product data
  • Models available in Revit or Archicad format
  • Free download on our website, directly available

BIM Unlimited

  • All systems not included in BIM Library
  • Fixed configuration for ReynaPro projects, on demand for custom-made models
  • Elaborate product data possible
  • ReynaPro models available in Revit or IFC format
  • Project-specific models available in Revit, IFC or Archicad format
  • Available on demand, waiting time to be considered