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Front façade of the Reynaers Campus in Duffel, Belgium.

Experience centre

The Reynaers Experience Centre is designed to bring people together and to inspire partners with our latest solutions and state-of-the-art technologies. As part of the Experience Centre, the Experience Room showcases our entire product range in a physical, digitally-enhanced showroom that allows professional partners to see, touch, and handle our products in real life.

For an even more immersive experience, visitors can step into the Avalon Virtual Reality Room. This immersive tool allows project stakeholders to walk around in a building while it is still in the design phase. In fact, Avalon is the perfect way for fabricators, architects and project developers to navigate through different spaces of a project together, while evaluating the building’s design and making real-time changes.

The Reynaers Experience Room.
Professional trainer giving a course to new Reynaers Aluminium employees at the Training Centre.

Training Centre

For our products and solutions to perform optimally, proper assembly and installation are crucial. That is why our in-house Training Centre hosts over 1,600 trainings each year to share skills and expertise with our international network of craftsmen and employees.

The Training Centre offers standard and specialised courses as well as software trainings – everything our partners need to provide project stakeholders and homeowners with high-quality products and services.

Automation Centre

In our Automation Centre, we develop automation solutions that enable our partners to optimise their production flows. We fine-tune every stage of the production process with a carefully balanced combination of state-of-the-art machinery, the most recent technologies, and our ReynaPro and ReynaFlow production tools – all so fabricators can produce more efficiently, reduce costs and deliver even better end products.

Reynaers Aluminium expert giving a fabricator a tour in the Automation Centre.
Expert working on electronics at the Reynaers Technology Centre.

Technology Centre

To make sure our profile systems meet the requirements of the international building market, we established the Reynaers Technology Centre, one of the most advanced testing centres for windows, doors and façades in the world. All our systems are continuously and rigorously tested for comfort, safety, and sustainability. This way, we make sure we are building a more comfortable, safer and more sustainable future.