Shattering the glass ceiling in the fenestration industry

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Shattering the glass ceiling in the fenestration industry

To celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re shining the spotlight on some of the female staff who make up our team and drive first-class performance across our business.

If you ask somebody to list their top ten most glamorous careers, it is a fairly safe bet that a role within the fenestration industry doesn’t feature. Yet, despite the stereotypical image many people have, our industry is fundamental to many of the things we take for granted day-to-day, including the buildings which create the fabric of our cities and provide comfortable living spaces.

Ask the same people what they look for in their work, however, and the list would inevitably reference things such as creativity, exciting work and the opportunity to learn. In fact, the fenestration industry provides all of these opportunities.

Making a difference, no matter the role
From accounts and marketing through to customer services and technical development, women play a significant role within Reynaers. Our recently-appointed Marketing Director, Tina Hughan is one of the leading figures within the team and is responsible for driving the marketing strategy across the business.

With a career spanning more than 20 years, Tina is no stranger to the challenge of gender equality in the workplace. Tina said: “It’s no secret that the fenestration industry has long been a ‘boys club’. Women in our industry are totally underrepresented and have to work harder to gain respect and recognition. While the industry continues to work on this, I’m proud to be working alongside so many wonderful women at Reynaers who are making a real impact within their roles.”

Within Tina’s team, Marketing Executive Amy Blount recognises that the representation of women in the workplace is something that is changing, albeit slowly. She said: “One of the things which drew me to Reynaers is that the group CEO is a woman. Since I started as a Marketing Assistant, the company has been really supportive of my ambitions, even supporting my Level 4 Qualification with the Chartered Institute of Marketing which has enabled me to further advance my career.”

Enhancing technical expertise
As a key member of our team for five years, Technical Advisor, Cherene Ellis brings a wealth of knowledge to our technical team. “Working in technical, which is a predominantly male field, can provide the age-old challenge of trying to prove you are as good as the men you work alongside. At Reynaers, everybody is very supportive of each other and so I’ve never encountered an issue based on my gender.”

With aspirations of working more with 3D design, Cherene has been given the opportunity to undertake a Revit course to further support her technical knowledge and enable her to have an even greater impact within the team moving forward. Offering her advice to other women with ambitions to enter the industry, Cherene said: “Talk to women in the industry and take their valuable experiences on board. If we can help a fellow woman find the right path, we should do what we can.”

Enabling everybody to flourish
Elsewhere across the business, female members of the team are having a valuable impact in roles such as customer service and accounts. “For me, the things I enjoy most about my job are the interactions I have with customers and also how my role can vary on a day-to-day basis,” said Katie Taylor, Sales Administrator. “To enhance my knowledge and progress further within my role, Reynaers are also supporting my development through training.”

Training is something we take seriously at Reynaers and we’re proud to invest in our team, enabling them to flourish within their roles. Looking across to our accounts department, Account Assistant Gemma Hibbert is currently studying AAT Level 4 by undertaking evening classes. “Looking to the future, I have ambitions of completing the CIMA qualification and am grateful that Reynaers are supporting me on this journey.”

At Reynaers, we know our team is integral to our success, which is why we’re proud to be forging the industry’s path to equality by supporting everybody within our team to achieve their goals and feel fulfilled in their work.

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