Acoustics is of great importance when designing buildings.  Cities are becoming more populated and traffic is increasing.  Offering good acoustic reduction increases the comfort inside a building.  The acoustic performance of a building is closely linked to the materials used in the building and the number of openings or gaps in the building envelope.  
With Reynaers aluminium systems, the insulation value is defined by the profiles, in combination with the gaskets. Of course, the choice for the correct glazing also has a big impact.  Special acoustic glazing will increase the performance drastically.

Air tightness

Air tightness plays an essential role in acoustic insulation. Whenever there is air leakage present, there will also be an acoustic leak. That is why Reynaers equips all of its aluminium windows and doors with an acoustic sealing that guarantees the air tightness of the systems, in combination with the central sealing. This acoustic gasket performs best in combination with hidden accessories, as the gasket can continuously be applied on the inside. 


Another important factor is the choice of acoustic glazing. Asymmetric double glazing (different glass thickness for the inside and outside) helps to reduce noise. If you wish to go even further, you can choose a layered inner glass pane, blocking out even more sound. Top acoustic performance however, is achieved by investing in a layered inner glass pane, equipped with an acoustic PVB foil.