With the introduction of MasterPatio, we continue to push our efforts to remain the system of choice for fabricators and installers. It has been developed with key design drivers such as superior thermal and water performances, clean aesthetics, sustainable efforts, and compatibility with the MasterLine 8 system. The Passive house level thermal performance, and best in class water performance (up to 1500Pa) are combined with beautiful lines and details. Most components and accessories are concealed or flush integrated in the profiles, the visible sightlines are kept consistent throughout sliding parts, reinforcements and other transom profiles, and the frame can be concealed. This system uses recycled PA6.6 insulation bars, reduces waste by needing less profiles throughout all configurations, and the optimisation of the available profile lengths results in less scrap material. The built-in compatibility with MasterLine 8 transforms MasterPatio from a sliding system to a floor-to-ceiling facade system, giving you complete design freedom in any circumstances, even high-rise buildings.



Between countries, there are differences in how a window is placed into the wall. For more information on the usage of Reynaers BIM models, download the BIM guidelines.


The Architect Catalogue (PDF) contains information and filenames of the individual CAD files. Please consult this document to find the required CAD files for every section.

Technical information


Min. Visible width T-profile50 mm 
Visible width meeting section50 mm 
Max. height vent3600 mm 
Max. width vent3000 mm 
Max. weight element400 kg 
Overall system depth frame180 mm 
Overall system depth vent77 mm 
Rebate height27 mm 
Visible height vent87 mm 
Visible height meeting section 4 doors181 mm 
Min. Glass thickness16 mm 
Max. Glass thickness62 mm 
Glazing methodDry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones  
Thermal breakFibreglass Reinforced Recycled Polyamide Strips  


Air tightness max. test pressure4 (600 Pa)
Water tightnessE1200 (1200 Pa)
Wind load resistanceC5 (2000 Pa)

Opening elements

  • 2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) lift & slide2-rail QXXQ (QXXQ) lift & slide
  • 2-rail XQ (XQ) lift & slide2-rail XQ (XQ) lift & slide
  • 2-rail XQX (XQX) lift & slide2-rail XQX (XQX) lift & slide
  • 2-rail XX (XX) lift & slide2-rail XX (XX) lift & slide
  • 2-rail XXXX (XXXX) lift & slide2-rail XXXX (XXXX) lift & slide
  • Monorail QXXQ (Monorail QXXQ) lift & slideMonorail QXXQ (Monorail QXXQ) lift & slide
  • Monorail XQ (Monorail XQ) lift  &slideMonorail XQ (Monorail XQ) lift  &slide
  • Monorail XQX (Monorail XQX) lift & slideMonorail XQX (Monorail XQX) lift & slide