Brand usage guidelines for third parties

Whilst we actively encourage the promotion of our products, we need to ensure that all our fabricators and retailers do so in a way that is equitable, professional and is in no way misleading. To this end, we have put together the following guidelines, which aim to clarify our position and eliminate any doubt.

We encourage the use of the Reynaers brand, and are happy to supply our logo and brand guidelines to our fabricators and retailers. The Reynaers name may be used only in association with Reynaers’ products and services. The Reynaers logo should not be used to promote any other products. Nor should it be used as a general endorsement of your business or services.

Trade names
Reynaers’ products all have names (Hi-Finity, CP 155, CS 77 etc.) and we expect that these names will be used in the promotion of those products. The names should not be used to promote any other products. No company should use these names as a trading name for their wider business; indeed the fabricating or retailing company should always be clearly named as the supplier of the product in question.

Domain names
We understand that our customers may like to purchase domain names that are specific to our products and trademarks. We have no objection to this practice as long as the following rules are applied:

  • It should be clear that the site is not a Reynaers site
  • It should be clearly stated which company owns and operates the site
  • The Reynaers product or trademark should not be used in such a way that a visitor to the site may think that this is the name of the business that operates the site
  • The Reynaers product name or trademark should not be used in such a way that implies the owner of the site has exclusivity of supply
  • No company may pass themselves off as Reynaers or a subsidiary or legal partner of Reynaers

Use of the Reynaers brand, trade names, images and other marketing material is at the discretion of Reynaers Aluminium. Reynaers reserves the right to withdraw any or all of this material at any time.

Reynaers Marketing Department will be happy to supply marketing materials in support of your business within the guidelines stated above. They will also be able to provide advice on the interpretation of these guidelines and approval where necessary.